Remote Talent LATAM by Castellum Pro

We provide executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners the opportunity to hire top remote talent so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Angel Salinas founded RTL in 2017. He had a vision of providing business owners the help they need to successfully grow their companies while also providing job opportunities to talented people from Latin American countries.

He knew that he could be the bridge for so many talented Latin American professionals, helping them land stable jobs while also providing small business owners with top remote talent that was not only affordable, but reliable, seemed like a dream come true.

Remote Talent LATAM Philosophy.

We run on honesty, adaptability, accountability, kindness and continuous growth. Our values ensure that we are not only committed to connecting small business owners with affordable & reliable top remote talent but also passionate about giving back to our community and investing in educational resources for those in need.

What makes remote talent latam different?

Specific Industries

We work only in specific industries. Thus, we have a great expertise in these areas and give qualitative results.

Remote Workers

We are professionally engaged in headhunting REMOTE WORKERS. Our employees are able to correctly and delicately choose and bring your company the best specialists.

Recruiting Process

Thanks to a thorough recruiting process, we are confident in our candidates and client companies. More than 90% of the personnel we had selected have been working in their positions for 2+ years.

Mindful Professionals Working for You

Angel Salinas

CEO and Founder

Ruth Acevedo

Admin | 8 Years of Experience

Javiera González

Recruiting | 4 Years of Experience

Sarelena Arguello

Sales Manager | 5 Years of Experience

We Absorb The Risk So You Can Reap The Reward.

At Remote Talent LATAM, we believe that you deserve the time to both grow your business and enjoy life. You shouldn’t have to choose.

That’s why  you don’t pay unless you make a hire.
No Hire - No Charge

Did You Know?

Every time you partner with Remote Talent LATAM we provide an educational grant to a Latin American Student.