Account Executive/Inside Sales Representative

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We are looking to hire an Account Executive / Inside Sales Representative to join our team. We are looking to hire a smart and collaborative person to join our team as an Account Executive. The role will be responsible for assisting businesses with Air Quality, Wastewater, Hazardous materials, Storm Water, Safety, and many other requirements.

What you’ll be doing is:

● Learn and master federal, state, and local Environmental and Safety regulations to
provide customized advice to clients, consultative selling of projects, and annual
contracts to existing customers.

● Inbound requests as well as reaching out to and acquiring new clients via cold calls
and email outreach liaising with local CPAs, fire departments, water boards, and other
federal, state, and local government agencies to assist customers in complex
situations as a part of figuring out what they would need to do in a given context.

● Work collaboratively and occasionally team up with other sales team members in the
local office to close the loop and bring new clients on board.

To excel in this role you’ll need to have:

● 3-5 years of experience in B2B Sales Roles
● Excellent listening and communication skills and ability to research regulations as
needed when clients request new situations
● Interest in Environmental Safety
● Understanding of the Chemical Industry
● Curiosity, competitive and goal-oriented mindset
● A focus on building relationships
● Comfort with receiving feedback

Schedule: Mon-Fri, from 8-5 PST, 1-hour lunch
Salary: Starting at $2000 + Commission
Payment Method: BAC Credomatic, PayPal & Payoneer

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