Customer Service Credit Specialist

Feb 22, 2023 | Openings

Duties and Responsibility:

– Maintaining a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward customers at all times.

– Communicating with customers through various channels.

– Keep records of customer interactions, payments transactions, comments and complaints.

– Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support.

– Follow procedures and commandments of the company (culture).

– Get referrals from customer to increase our client’s portfolios.

– Work with the team and support each other.

– Receive feedback from the QA´s, Team-lead or Management and embrace it, to continue to improve his development.


  • Previous experience is a MUST. 
  • Great English communication skills through text and phone. 

Schedule: 9-6pm EST.

Off Sunday & Tuesday (or instead of Tuesday you can pick Thursday)

Compensation: Full- Time, First two months =$800, After two months =$1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the equipment and system requirements for onboarding?
Depending on the position, the general ones are as follows:
High-speed internet (10mps minimum)
Secure workroom
PC computer with intel core I5 or higher
Wired Headset with Mic
How long does it usually take to pass all interview stages?

It can take anywhere from 2-10 business days to hear back from us. The process can be accelerated if the candidate completes the tests and videos as soon as they are received. Then it is determined by the time the client has set aside for the process.

What’s the advantage of being part of the talent pool?

After passing all stages of our screening process, an applicant is added to our talent pool. When we have a job order, we will invite qualified professionals from our pool to an interview with the client.