Data Entry Clerk

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We are currently searching for a Data Entry Clerk to join our team!

The data entry role focuses on supporting the field teams when it comes to obtaining, submitting, and reviewing productivity information from field operations to the management team.


• Calls to all field employees to receive a daily task completion report

• Inputs obtained information into the “Productivity Entry Sheet” 

• Reviews the information with Crew Leaders to verify the veracity of it 

• If necessary, reports any issues or discrepancies to management 

• Approves and submits information 

• Remind Crew Leaders to attend weekly job meetings & to report findings   based on meeting

• Complete a Weekly Job Progress Report in Smart Sheets with Crew Leaders

• Complete a Weekly Job Issues in SmartSheets Report if even there is nothing for Safety with Crew Leaders


• High school diploma.

• Excellent phone, email, and instant messaging communication skills

• Ability to use MS Office.

• Ability to handle different tasks simultaneously.

• Strong problem-solving, and written and verbal communication skills.

• Bilingual (Spanish & English)

• Establish effective working relationships with the entire team

Schedule: Mon-Fri Business hours/30-40 hours a week
Salary: $6 per hour

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