Director of Content

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  • 100% Remote Position – Work from Home!
  • Profit sharing for employees
  • Competitive salary
  • Amazing, friendly team


We’re looking for a superstar Director of Content to run our Content Team and manage the fulfillment of all content tasks, including website content, newsletters, social media, and ad hoc client content requests.  

First and foremost, this role is responsible for delivering quality content on time every month. The majority of their time will be spent training, supporting, and holding the Content Team accountable so that all content delivered is up to our’s standards and is completed on time. 

The role’s management responsibilities include developing the standards and guidelines the team should follow, educating the team, identifying problem areas (and making a change if needed), and cheering on the team’s successes. This person will also organize and prioritize content tasks on a monthly basis. 

Although the Director of Content does not need to be an SEO expert or a client advocate, they are responsible for knowing our SEO best practices and having a working knowledge of our clients’ practice areas and preferences in order to ensure these are followed within the Content Team.


We need someone who gets it done on time, all the time, with no excuses. We move fast and need serious, reliable people who want to advance their careers and help grow a business. 

We prize hard work, self-motivation, communication, and reliability. If you are looking for a more casual engagement where you can come and go as you please, this is not the job for you. 

We’re looking for someone who already has experience managing a team in an agency environment. 


  • Manage the Content Team on a daily basis: train, support, and hold them accountable
  • Test/cultivate new team members on a regular basis
  • Approve Content Team invoices
  • Set the standard (in terms of quality, timing, and cost) for our Gold Standard content – and make sure it is met
  • Organize and prioritize content (website content, social media work, newsletters, and occasional other projects)
  • Understand, implement, and communicate clients’ target keywords and content requirements, ensuring we generate content that meets client objectives
  • Understand, implement, and communicate SEO best practices (provided by SEO Team) to the Content Team
  • Collect Content Team KPIs on a weekly basis

Salary: Starts at $3,000.

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