Email Marketing Associate

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Sin categoría

We are looking for a dependable, high performing, skilled marketing professional with a strong background in email marketing. The role requires that candidates be client service-oriented with excellent communication, time-management, attention to detail (this is critical) and organizational skills.

Your main duties include running cold email marketing campaigns end-to-end, managing email databases and helping to compile prospect databases for campaigns. You’ll also support our internal marketing efforts primarily through email, and to some degree social media.

You need to have very strong communication skills and a background in email marketing or content writing.

Marketing Associate Responsibilities:
Create email campaign strategy w/executive direction
Identify target audiences
Design and implement email marketing campaigns
Work with external vendors to build prospect databases
Perform quality assurance on prospect databases
Proofread emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling
Handle prospect replies and hand offs to clients
Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices

Marketing Associate Requirements:
Proven work experience as an email marketing specialist or digital marketing specialist
Proficiency in marketing automation technology
Familiarity with analytical and database tools
Excellent written communication and copywriting skills
Strong project management skills
An ability to work under tight deadlines
BSc degree in Marketing or relevant field

Schedule: 7 am – 4 pm or 8am – 5pm CST
Salary: Starting at $1,200

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