Social Media & Influencer Management Assistant

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Sin categoría

This is a good job for someone who:
● Is passionate about athletic & athleisure clothing
● Loves social media and the influence world
● Is detail oriented and organized
● Can work & think well independently
● Is a go-getter, looks for ways to help rather than waiting for step-by-step instructions
● Is highly adaptable to a work environment where the “day to day” is often evolving

What you’ll do:
● Manage the instagram inbox, engage with comments and stories
● Will involve fielding some influencer support inquiries & customer support
● Field & filter inbound collaboration requests
● Identify promising partners for future collaborations
● Responsible for communicating with & managing social media influencers in Shopify
● Responsible for managing monthly gift package allocation
● Responsible for monitoring, tracking, and managing influencer promotional activity
● Responsible for managing contract negotiations for influencer partners
● Air-tight self management and task management
● Spreadsheet competency
● Exceptional organization and digital hygiene
● Flexible learner, can adapt to fast paced work environment
● Advanced written communication skills
● Experience with social media management / influencer management


Mon-Fri flexible business hours
Starting at $1,200

Full time

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