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RealTop Is Expanding at An Exponential Rate with help of Remote Talent LATAM”

We use Remote Talent LATAM to power much of our customer support and sales teams to keep up with the demand.

About Nikitas & RealTop

Nik Tsoukales, based out of Boston, is the owner of two successful businesses – a consumer credit restoration company and a digital marketing agency. His love for everything business & marketing led him to start his own ventures.

The Problem

As RealTop grew, so did the demand for customer support and sales assistance. Nik quickly realized that he couldn’t keep up with the demand himself and needed to find a solution that would scale with his business. Boston had a relatively small talent pool and the talent that was available was very expensive. He tried a firm based in the Philippines for remote work but the time difference made it difficult to coordinate and communicate.

How Nik Uses Remote Talent LATAM Today

RTL’s Remote Talent has been a game changer for RealTop. The team is able to provide the same high level of customer support and sales assistance as if they were in-house but at a fraction of the cost. This started 6 years back when only a handful of team members were needed. Now, the team has close to 70-80 people and is continuing to grow. Communication through instant messaging apps makes it seem as if they are right next to each other.

The Results

Since using Remote Talent LATAM, Nik has been able to scale his business 3X the rate he was previously growing. The customer support & sales teams have been able to keep up with the demand and his businesses are now running smoothly. Nik’s company has been awarded three TOP5000 INC awards, the recognition for fastest growing small businesses in the US.

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Medvale’s Business Is Expanding With Remote Talent LATAM’s Help

Medvale uses LATAM Remote Talent to connect with high-quality virtual assistants who provide a range of services, from administrative support to customer service. The company has been able to expand its operations and grow its business with the help of these talented remote workers.

About Jim

Jim Trounson is the founder of Medvale, a network of peer support group for medical executives, leaders, and professionals. He started the company in response to a need he saw for better support and networking opportunities within the medical community.

The Problem

Jim had been acquiring the services of VAs for quite some time. The last company he worked with seemed to charge a lot and the VA was being given half the sum. Jim wanted a long-term relationship with a quality VA that would not only be more affordable but also provide him with the support he needed to grow his business. India and the Philippines had been a tried option but he was now looking for something closer to home.

Medvale’s network in the US needed outsourced support from time to time and he was always on the lookout for a dependable service provider who could help with tasks. The relationship and the social impact of his business were the most important things to him.

How He Uses Remote Talent LATAM

LATAM Remote Talent has been a game-changer for Medvale. With its help, Jim has been able to connect with high-quality VAs who provide a range of services. Jim has been able to create a system of weekly goals and meetings with his VA to ensure that the work is getting done and that he is able to provide feedback. This has helped him to focus on the important tasks at hand and grow his business.

The Results

Since working with LATAM Remote Talent, Jim has been able to expand his business and grow his network. His VA has been a great help in keeping things organized and running smoothly. Jim is now able to focus on the important tasks at hand and is seeing positive results in his business.

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