How Luca Rietti Saved 50% on Hiring Costs & Expanded Revenue Streams with Our Recruiting Services.

As we’ve gotten into more complex campaigns, it’s nice to have somebody that can be independent, come up with original concepts and original strategies. And our clients have been really happy about it.”

About Luca & LudLow Creative

Luca is a partner of a digital agency based in New York. They specialize in helping restaurants with their digital marketing. They work with them for their content, organic social, their paid ads, and their emails. And the’ve been around for about seven years now.

The Problem

The main issue Luca faced before working with Remote Talent LATAM was the significant time and effort required to find the right talent for his digital agency. Luca had previously handled the hiring process internally. This involved drafting job descriptions, vetting candidates, and conducting interviews, which proved to be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Luca recognized the importance of finding skilled professionals who could deliver high-quality work for their clients while seamlessly integrating into the team. However, the manual nature of the hiring process consumed valuable time and resources, diverting attention away from core business operations and strategic growth initiatives.

How He Uses Remote Talent LATAM

When Luca partnered with Remote Talent Latam, the recruiting process was transformed. The agency’s expertise and resources streamlined the process, alleviating Luca’s burden and providing access to a pool of highly qualified candidates. With Remote Talent Latam’s guidance, Luca found the perfect fit in Michael, a senior graphic designer based in Latin America.

The experience of working with Michael exceeded expectations. Despite being a non-US-based employee, Michael seamlessly integrated into the team, showcasing his proficiency and dedication from day one. His proactive approach and innovative ideas quickly made him an invaluable asset to the agency, driving client satisfaction and opening new avenues for revenue generation.

The Results 

Luca also shares the significant ROI he has witnessed since partnering with Remote Talent LATAM, including saving valuable time, expanding service offerings, and achieving remarkable cost savings of 50-60% compared to hiring locally.