5 Tips to Record a Perfect Introduction Video

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At Remote Talent LATAM, we believe in empowering candidates to showcase their best selves, and our introduction video requirement is a key part of that process. Many candidates ask us why we request them to record a video, and here’s why. We send the hiring company a folder per candidate, which contains the introduction video, resume, and assessments. We share around 3 to 4 folders of candidates. The video is, often, the most important file in each candidate’s folder. After reviewing these documents, the client decides who they’ll schedule a final interview with.

An introduction video is a powerful tool that can significantly speed up the recruitment process for both you and the hiring company. By providing a brief overview of your background, skills, and enthusiasm for the role, you can help the hiring team quickly assess your fit for the position. Additionally, these videos play a crucial role in shaping the hiring manager’s initial impression of you. Given that hiring companies often review multiple candidate videos, it’s essential to make yours stand out. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality, communication skills, and passion for the role in a way that sets you apart from other applicants.

In this blog, we’ve gathered 5 tips to make a compelling introduction video that’ll create a great first impression on your final interviewer. Are you ready to make a lasting impression? Let’s dive into the tips to create a compelling introduction video.

1. Answer the Questions

Our platform at Remote Talent Latam, Willo, will already include the questions to be answered, which mostly focus on your experience and skills. Addressing these questions directly demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively and tailor your response to the needs of the interviewer. 

The questions you must answer in your introduction video are the following:

  • How many years of relevant experience do you have?
  • Summary of your most relevant job experience/s: role, main responsibilities, etc.
  • What are your top 3 skills that you consider key for this role?

Bonus tip: It’s always a good idea to mention something additional to the questions that may add value to your process: additional relevant experience, other skills, certifications, etc.

2. Write an Outline – BUT DON’T READ IT!

Writing an outline for your introductory video helps you organize your thoughts and present yourself clearly and concisely. Start by outlining key points you want to cover, such as a summary of your professional background, achievements, skills, and why you’re interested in the position. Then, Practice following the outline aloud to ensure that it flows smoothly and sounds natural.

Bonus tip: I highly recommend you do this outline by hand, pen and paper, and keep it close to you when recording the video. Remember this outline is just a guide, so DON’T READ IT.

3. Background and Attire

Pay attention to your surroundings and choose a clean, clutter-free background for your video; it can either be your bedroom or home office. Consider using a plain wall (preferably white) or bookshelf as your backdrop if you’re not sure about your background. Additionally, dress appropriately. Opt for professional attire, without colorful patterns. All of this will avoid distracting the viewers and will guarantee they pay full attention to what you’re communicating.

Bonus tip: If you don’t have an appropriate background in your home, you can place a plain curtain behind you, or record the video in a cafe (using a noise-canceling microphone).

4. Sound and Video Quality

Poor sound and video quality can detract from the impact of your introductory video. Use a high-quality camera to record your video, ensuring good lighting and clear visibility of your face. Choose a quiet environment to minimize background noise and enhance audio clarity. Also, remember to test your equipment beforehand to ensure everything is working correctly, and consider using a microphone for improved sound quality.

Bonus tip: Recording with your cell phone (in landscape mode) can help you get better video quality, compared to webcams. Use noise-canceling headphones for good sound quality!

5. Final Greeting

Conclude your introductory video with a strong final greeting. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to apply and reaffirm your interest in the position. Rewatch your video and, if not sure, you can always record it again!

Bonus tip: It’s always important to mention your availability to start in the role. 

    Get Your Dream Job with Remote Talent Latam

    By following these 5 essential tips our team at Remote Talent Latam has shared with you, you can confidently showcase your skills and personality to potential employers in the US through an introduction video. Below, you can find an example of a good introduction video for inspiration.

    Don’t forget to also check our blog on how to write the perfect resume. We wish you the best of luck on your interviews!

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